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Releasing Negative Emotions

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Moonlight at Lake Hopfen

While sitting out on a lakeside porch this Thanksgiving, I enjoyed a beautiful full moon.  It was the last full moon of Autumn, called the “Mourning Moon.” With a bit of research, I learned that this moon – this season – represents the opportunity to reflect on the sometimes negative or damaging emotions we hold onto and determine what hurts, pain, or sadness we are ready to release.

I love the idea of combining our season of thanksgiving and gratitude with the acknowledgement that we all carry grievances, sadness, anger, and fear. We have good reasons for the feelings and, once named and dealt with, they often serve a good purpose.  But sometimes, we carry those feelings simply because we haven’t taken the time (or the resolve) to let them go.

The moon is waning, but we might still consider taking some time to think about the things we mourn and ask ourselves,  “What am ready to let go of in order to create a place for more happiness?”  Doing so helps us move forward in our personal lives as well as our professional lives.

As always, we’d like to hear your point of view on the topic.

Take care!


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