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The NEXT Normal

As I reach out to colleagues, friends and family, I am seeing exactly what you are seeing.  COVID-19 fatigue . We are tired of being afraid. We are tired of confusing reports, data, and expectations. We are tired of news and social media posts with an agenda. We are tired of each other! And we are tired of the unknown.

Yes, people who are not as immediately and grievously impacted are talking about what they learned and what they have appreciated. For some of us, there has been a mental and physical break. It’s been a chance to reflect, to rest, to reset. However, the sun is shining, and we are ready to return to managing our own life. And of course, we know to a large degree, it’s too early to jump into the deep end of the pool. Baby steps, for sure.

In my last post I talking about the Cynefin model. Here’s a reminder….

















Today I am thinking about Habitat. 

The place we come from. 
The way we think about crisis. 
The way we normally solve problems and whether my habitat is the right habitat for today’s extended health and business crisis.
If you are a business leader, you are being judged by your employees and your customers on how you have reacted to this crisis. 
And how you will move forward as we begin a cautious re-open. 
What do you want said about your leadership?

If you are a parent, years from now your children will tell stories about COVID-19. What are the stories you are giving them to tell?
If you are a friend, you are either strengthening relationships or letting them slide. Perhaps you are finding some friendships that are more significant than you thought. And others that are more important in your history than in your current day.

Someone said recently: 

We are not moving to a NEW normal. There is no new normal. There never has been. We are moving to the NEXT normal.  

And that makes it important for us to lead with our values, know our values, and to improve the connection between our values and our actions. 

Ask yourself – what am I leading from? 

And is it my best leadership capability?

I will close with an old story….

I was walking down a road and I fell in a hole. It took me a while to get out. I was walking down a road and I fell in a hole. It took me a while to get out. I was walking down a road and I fell in a hole. It looked familiar. It took less time to get out. I was walking down a road and I fell in a hole. It looked familiar. I was tired of it. I quickly got out. I was walking down a road and walked around the hole. I took a different road.

Please call me if I can be helpful.

Nancy Vepraskas
Nancy Vepraskas

I’m a leadership performance consultant and founder of P2Excellence. My passion is helping CEOs and HR leaders make critical shifts to transform their businesses. With 25+ years experience in the people side of business, I help leaders perform by activating change, optimizing talent and improving people processes and strategies.

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