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Once upon a time we had a lot of time

It’s time to make the critical shift from leading the business by yourself to leading an organization of people. At P2Excellence, we help you navigate the uncharted territories of organizational growth with clarity and confidence.
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I have a little card on my desk that reads “Once upon a time we had a lot of time.”  I laugh as I look at it, because I bought that card in the 1990s!  I remember thinking that it was a particularly busy time in life – juggling career and family.  Looking back to an era before social media and 24/7 responsibilities, it was an easier time than I thought.

Back then and still today, the truth is that the issue about time isn’t about how much, it’s about what we do with the time we have.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day and we all make choices about where we spend it.  Stephen Covey was quoted as saying (in essence), “It’s about gaining work-life balance over a lifetime, not in the moment.  Life is generally out of balance in the moment.” 

Days may get overwhelming and certain seasons of life are more challenging than others. But that being said, I think it’s important to not lose sight that we are making choices and living with the consequences.  I worry that we live our lives too much in the fast lane without giving time for self-reflection and self-renewal. 

Life may be out of balance in the moment, but I need to have the strength and the will to pause periodically and make sure I am spending my time in the right places.  I challenge you to do the same.


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