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Celebrate, Honor and Remember

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American flags honoring the military on Memorial Day

Anyone who’s done any shopping this weekend has been caught in it. Long lines at the cash registers, that is. I noticed all the picnic and pool supplies floating down the conveyor belts. It got me thinking:  Do people really know what Memorial Day is all about? Then, while I was still in line, I heard one person ask another person just that. The answer was:  “It’s a holiday to mark the official transition from Spring to Summer, when the pools open and the kids start their summer vacations.” And both parties nodded in agreement. 

On this Memorial Day, it’s good to remind ourselves, Memorial Day is a day to celebrate, honor and remember our armed services men and women who have lost their lives protecting our country.  This meaning is so vital, especially now with a precarious political climate here and abroad. 

For this Memorial Day, I wish you a moment of reflection to honor those who have served our country, and to think of that as you gather your loved ones around you to spend special times together this holiday weekend. 

Our next “Tuesdays” will be back in June. See you then!

All the best to you, 

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