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To do list which says breathe hanging with a blue peg in a tree

Happy Spring!  It’s such a happy time.  Shaking off winter.  Old ideas.  Perhaps a fear or two.  Welcoming the new.  New life.  New ideas.  Nature just seems to call out:  

Come spend time with me!  

I’ll help you open up your eyes and your heart!

Last week, I found two wonderful books at our local Barnes and Noble.  One is Good Morning Yoga and the other is Good Night Yoga, both by Mariam Gates and illustrated by Sarah Jane Hinder.  They are beautiful illustrated and simply crafted, found in the children’s section but, honestly, written for folks like you and me. 

The morning book takes us through simple poses to greet the day with energy and confidence.  The closing phrase we say is, “I can do this!”  I am particularly drawn to and want to share their morning meditation practice, which follows the short yoga stretching time.  They suggest you sit comfortably and tall. Take in a few deep breaths and ask yourself what word describes the feeling you want to feel today.  Perhaps it’s calm or energetic or curious or safe.  Or something else. 

Once known, they recommend you breathe it in, claim it, hold it, and then breathe it out into your world. I’ve bolded the word “want” because if you just let go, the word you “want” will come, as opposed to the word “should.”

I love this idea of setting an intention about how I want to feel in the world today.  It’s so easy to wake up to anxiety, rushing, and thinking about all that might go wrong in the day.  How lovely to take a few moments and set the stage for making the day you desire. Oh sure, it won’t be perfectly executed, but experience tells me, with practice, I’ll have a better day.  Because, just like the author tell me, “I can do this!”  

Take care.

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