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Happy Birthday America

It’s time to make the critical shift from leading the business by yourself to leading an organization of people. At P2Excellence, we help you navigate the uncharted territories of organizational growth with clarity and confidence.
P2Excellence, A Leadership Performance Company Happy Birthday America

As we step into the Fourth of July, let’s say thank you to the leaders who dreamed a really big dream over 250 years ago and then risked their lives and reputations to make America a reality.  And then let’s reflect about the responsibilities they left for us to do.  They never claimed to have gotten it all right – but they did create a foundation that allows us to continually make America the place to dream big.  

You, my friend, have decisions to make and a big job to do.  America, and frankly, the world is counting on you.  You are a leader – gifted with the ability to make all of us stronger and better than the Founding Fathers and Mothers could have ever imagined.  

Daily, you have the ability to demonstrate unwavering determination to be a good steward of commerce, growing businesses, farms, and services. You can decide to care for individuals and the team. You can focus on winning.  And by that, I mean, the good kind of winning where a nation is transformed.  Where individuals matter.   You know what makes you good and strong and, dare I say, courageous.  You are the “man in the arena” as the story goes, and every day you win some and lose some, and dust yourself off and try again.  You take pride in accomplishments, and you strive to be better.   As a leader, you embody the spirit of independence that defines America’s success. As the fireworks ignite and the flag is waved, fill yourself with the pride and courage required to dare to dream and drive our nation forward. 

Fostering Growth and Opportunity: 

What does it mean to be an entrepreneurial leader?  It means acting with ownership.  You may or may not own the company – but you do own your contribution to the organization’s success. The organization hires you to bring your best.  You are the driving force behind America’s economic engine. You fearlessly venture into uncharted territories, taking calculated risks that propel businesses to new heights. By nurturing innovation, you create opportunities for growth, not just for yourself but also for the communities you serve. Your bold vision and tireless dedication pave the way for a brighter future. 

Caring for Employees: 

One of your distinguishing characteristics is your genuine concern for the well-being of the team – your team.  You not only work hard, you love well.   We are inundated with noise these days that can distract us from the basics.  Good leadership means understanding success is intricately tied to the collective efforts of the teams. It means knowing when to make tough decisions and when to lead from the heart.  It means being known as someone worth following. By fostering a culture of care, you create an environment where employees thrive and feel valued. 

Embracing the American Dream: 

As entrepreneurial leaders, you embody the very essence of the American Dream. With hard work, determination, and audacity, you join others in proving that with hard work, tenacity, and a bit of luck anyone can achieve greatness. You come from all walks of life, bringing unique perspectives and experiences to the table. It is your unwavering faith in the limitless potential of individuals, that drives you to create businesses that inspire and transform lives.  Let me say that again – it’s your unwavering faith in the limitless potential of the individual that defines our American greatness.    

Contributing to Society: 

Beyond personal success, as an entrepreneurial leader, you play a pivotal role in shaping society. You understand that businesses have the power to enact positive change, whether through sustainable practices, philanthropic initiatives, or fostering a culture of inclusivity. By prioritizing social responsibility, you inspire others to follow suit and contribute to a better world.  And of course, you practice this art of culture building in day-to-day practices – asking yourself good questions about where a small adjustment in your own attitudes and beliefs can be used for good.  As an extraordinary leader, you lead with integrity, purpose, and intention.  


As we celebrate Independence Day, I simply want to say thank you to the leaders who came before you – the leaders upon whose shoulders you stand.  And I want to say thank you to you for your relentless pursuit of growth, your care for employees, and your commitment to the American Dream that makes you a true catalyst of progress. So, as the fireworks light up the night sky, I will be honoring you.  I’ll be working hard to support trailblazers like you who take risks, build businesses, and shape a brighter future for us all. Happy Fourth of July!

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