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Duty and Honor Amidst the Noise

It’s time to make the critical shift from leading the business by yourself to leading an organization of people. At P2Excellence, we help you navigate the uncharted territories of organizational growth with clarity and confidence.
Senior women hikers outdoors walking in forest in nature, helping each other

Despite these noisy times, there is, in fact, a lot of duty and honor going on. And it’s worth noting. And it’s worth celebrating.

This week, I’m turning down the noise around me, and making the effort each day to notice where I see good people doing good things — demonstrating their sense of duty to work and honoring the work they do, honoring the responsibility that goes along with that, and honoring the people they interact with daily.

Duty and Honor. These words keep coming up for me. They may seem like old-fashioned words, but they are worth considering in how we bring duty and honor into our own lives. We talk about duty as it relates to military and police women and men. But in some ways, we all have a duty to serve. It’s what makes a community— big or small — work.

And we all need to feel and to demonstrate honor. Or at least I think so. Honoring grounds us. It allows us to come at change from a place of respect.

Duty and Honor. The friend whose duty to and the honoring of an elderly parent is beautiful to watch even when it disrupts schedules and tasks. The protector who authentically puts the needs of others first. The maintenance person who honors good work. The leader who steps up.

Just some of the examples of people who I notice are putting duty and honor into practice. Probably not perfectly, but then again, perfection is seldom attainable. Still, we/they continue — because with duty and honor comes an intrinsic perseverance and determination.

Duty and Honor. What do those words mean to you?

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