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Minimizing Disruption - P2Excellence, A Leadership Performance Company

Minimizing Disruption

Minimizing Disruption, Very few can thrive in a chaotic atmosphere. You won’t bring your best self or your best work in the midst of chaos. . An important thing to remember is this: Self Aware and Self Care.

Scenic Road in the Vibrant Green Canadian Rainforest

I needed to Get Out of the House

The other day, my husband and I took a drive. I felt like my parents! They used to drag us …

Happy family with cute bichon dog in the park

Creating a Culture of Discipline

We’re into March.  We have moved through the winter faster than I expected. My colleagues and clients all seem to …

Self-care for Success By Nancy Vepraskas and Anne Warren

Part 4 – Self-Care for Success

Let’s celebrate Stress Awareness Month by focusing on self-care. As we have said for all areas of professional growth, be intentional if you expect to make progress. Remember, more hours and more stress will not get you to where you want to be professionally. Focus on refueling – you owe it to yourself to be successful!

Woman play piano

Being Your Best Self

This weekend I slept in, something I rarely do, it felt luxurious! And then I had a leisurely coffee, played …

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