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We have written many times about the importance of networking, and here we are again. :) But this time, we’re curious about you.


Do you currently have a robust career network?It meets your current and future needs.


Was your network adversely affected during the pandemic?


Are you dedicating time to network?


Is your focus to prepare for a job change?


Is your focus to increases your influence ?For example as a subject matter expert; serve on a board, etc.


Is your focus to increase overall career opportunities?Not actively looking, but open.


Is your networking done remotely?


Is your networking done in person?


Have you created a networking goal?


Are you intentional about working towards the goal and monitoring your success?

thank you

My sincerest gratitude for your participation, I value your input, and your time.

Below are some articles that might interest you about networking.  Please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions. 

Have an amazing day! 


It’s My Network

We’ve spoken many times on these pages about the importance of creating intentional networks, participating …

Woman hands working on laptop

Remote One-on-One Networking

The truth is that how and where we work will be forever changed due to COVID-19, and we need to adapt to new ways of working, and this includes remote networking.

Business team in video conference

Remote Networking Events

Leveraging Remote Networking Events We participate in networking events and conferences for the educational benefits …

Networking at break

Activating Your Network

Our last few issues of Tuesdays have featured articles about Remote Working during the pandemic. …

Nurturing Growth Mindset P2Excellence

Parts 2 & 3 – Nurturing a Growth Mindset

Last month we discussed the work accomplishment section of our Professional Growth Wheel. This month …

Friendly personnel manager interviewing black candidate during job interview at modern office

Changing Jobs or Careers

Perhaps you are part of the 50% of American workers who want a job or career change. Something happened during the Pandemic and Protests that made you desire change. What was it? And if, after reflection, you think change is your choice, how do you manage it well?

Build a Bigger, Better Network

Part 5 – Build a Bigger, Better Network

Last year, we wrote several articles on networking: Two articles focused on the “How” of …

Businessman at home office taking notes

The Great Disconnecting

The Great Disconnecting, We often talk about the need and desire for more diversity, equity, inclusiveness in our workplaces. Recently, I have been reading about a shift in this language to “Belonging.” Human Beings would like to belong. We need to belong. We are better when we belong. In a world where systems are breaking up, where we can work from anywhere.

Article series

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