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It’s My…

Close up of young sprout grow.

Determining Our Story

I was sitting at my desk last week when it really struck me that this year is very rapidly coming …

Seeking for job

Helping A Friend

Chances are great that you know someone who is seeking a job or better employment or a different opportunity.  Chances …

Brand building process concept

Your Name, Your Brand

We all have a brand and brand value. Friends, family, co-workers describe us as people of action or inaction. Kind and perhaps, unfortunately, mean. Helpful or not. Flexible or rigid. We’ve talked before about personal brand and the importance of recognizing that how you act tells others “who you are.”

Business and career

It’s My Career…and Yours!

Just for a minute or two, let’s pretend that the responsibility for building a career that matters is 100% – …

P2Excellence, A Leadership Performance Company Teamwork

It’s My Team

If you have worked a day in your life, then you have certainly heard about the importance of teamwork.  You’ve …

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