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Changing Direction

John M. Fisher's Process of Transition curve

4 Phases of Change

One of the standard change models demonstrates 4 Phases of Change. The challenge for many dissatisfied employees is that the economic recovery isn’t quite stable enough to justify making a move. So, while we talk about moving, we don’t. In the meantime, the challenge is to create “climate” change within ourselves so we stay engaged – in our careers and in our jobs-rather than continue to hibernate and become disillusioned. 

Changing Direction

Part 1 – Changing Direction

  If we challenge ourselves to be greater – to dream, to plan, to create, to do – we increase the chances of our success.  And when we expand that challenge and opportunity to those around us, we can find that our work becomes a source of strength and joy. 

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Part 2 – Changing Direction

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the following quote from Lao Tzu, the Chinese philosopher and founder of …

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Your Change Enablement Team

I remember when Change Management diagrams spoke about “returning to a steady state.” Change was the unusual and we did the …

P2Excellence, A Leadership Performance Company Team

Are You Enabling Change?

We live in such a fast-paced world that change is now a constant. We used to talk about making a …

Heart of the hands against the sky.

Holding Your People in My Heart

In the midst of this crazy time, I have been thinking about a favorite hymn of mine. It’s called “ Here I Am, …

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Changing Jobs or Careers

Perhaps you are part of the 50% of American workers who want a job or career change. Something happened during the Pandemic and Protests that made you desire change. What was it? And if, after reflection, you think change is your choice, how do you manage it well?

knowledge leads to ideas and inspiration.

Celebrations and Lessons Learned

Don’t hold tightly to a truth you think is ever-so true.

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