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Minimizing Disruption - P2Excellence, A Leadership Performance Company

Minimizing Disruption

Minimizing Disruption, Very few can thrive in a chaotic atmosphere. You won’t bring your best self or your best work in the midst of chaos. . An important thing to remember is this: Self Aware and Self Care.

Nothing better than finishing off early

Are you all in?

Holidays are a major disruptor.  I love them, but it seems to me that during the holiday season, all the …

Happy older senior woman business leader standing in office working with team.

Business Disruption Wave Enduring Phenomenon or Passing Fad

We’ve been devoting “Tuesdays” over the past few months to help give the topic of “disruption” some focus and some …

Business technology solutions

Step Up to the Business Disruption Plate

This is the last post in our Business Disruption series, but an important one. In large part, much of our …

red human shape near question marks on paper with human heads on wooden table

HR Disruption to Employee Engagement

Earlier this month, I had the distinct pleasure of attending an event called “DisruptHR” The event was hosted by Patrick Lynch, …


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