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Bringing Your Best Self to Work

Without doubt, each of us possesses unique strengths and skills that got us hired in the first place, and that we strive to leverage, optimize, and maximize every day at work.

Knowing how to describe ourselves when we are at our best

Without doubt, each of us possesses unique strengths and skills that got us hired in the first place, and that we strive to leverage, optimize and maximize every day at work. However, with all those work/life balance things and intangibles that can get in the way, it’s often necessary to take a moment to re-calibrate. But we can’t adequately or quickly re-calibrate if we don’t know what we are aiming for. 

Take a moment to consider the following and then answer:

When I am at my ‘best self’ at work, I am . . .There’s no right or wrong answer, but there IS an answer that feels right to you and has meaning. What answer surfaced first for you?

Being Present

Knowing what qualifies as “best self” for you and what unique skills, abilities and insight you specifically bring out best.

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Bringing Your Best Self to Work Articles

Something More 

My dear friend Randy Hain has just published his third book. This one is entitled, Something More: The Professional’s Pursuit of a Meaningful Life, …

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Stepping Up

During our last conversation, I shared with you that I’m a fan of Dr. Phil’s cogent advice. And I quoted …

Notebook with cup of coffee and cellphone

Bringing Your ‘A’ Game to Work

I bet if I started with a notebook I could figure this
out” process? I bet you do. And I’m betting if you bring that tool to this new challenge, you’ll also find that you are more likely to be bringing your “A” game!

Pleasant working day.

Work Pleasantly

Working pleasantly, pleasant is defined as welcoming, agreeable, charming, comfortable, fair, and with heart. If we were pleasant to be around, it seems like the environment would be warm, relaxed, congenial, friendly, and calm. Our work would be clear, concise, well organized, considerate and helpful. The people we interact with would be happy to see us.

growing tree with green leaves from an open book

What’s Your Story?

It is powerful to realize that we create our own story. We can’t change the facts, but we can change the way we view our story. Adrian, the Anglican priest is right. When we change our view, we can change our future. 

Boss and his partners during a meeting in the office

Being Right

In business, and I suspect in life, we can get hung up on “being right.” Over the course of our …

Child pretend to be businessman

Living Unafraid

This past Sunday was the Celebration of Easter and a part of the Passover celebration as well.  At the end …


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