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Transformation to the Next Step | Nancy Vepraskas, P2Excellence

Transformation to the Next Step

We consider ourselves experts who care deeply about your success.  We focus on organizational and leadership transformation.  Transformation is such a big word!  Perhaps it’s more honest to say transformation to the next step.  Because, let’s face it, there are always new steps.  And climbing is challenging.  If you need support in discerning your specific leadership next step or the next step for your organization, we’d enjoy learning more

Talent Management | Nancy Vepraskas | Leadership Performance

Talent Management

“Talent management is about taking a strategic approach to attracting, retaining, and developing a workforce. Running a company takes more than hiring people who can perform needed tasks.”

Remote Working

Make Some Workplace Magic!

Calling all leaders and teams! How to make the most of what’s next for the workplace! “When asked whether they …

Successful entrepreneurs and business people achieving goals

Managing Up

“Why should I manage my manager? Don’t they get paid to… manage?” It’s an understandable sentiment. For many, the term …

Business team in video conference

Remote Networking Events

Leveraging Remote Networking Events We participate in networking events and conferences for the educational benefits as well as the opportunity …

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