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Performance Training #2 Constructive Feedback

Years ago I taught Leadership Training using the work of Zenger Miller. I loved their focus on “the situation, not the person.”  In other words, what was the problem to be solved?  My favorite module was called Constructive Feedback.

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Performance Training #1

In Performance Training, S1 is Directing, S2 is Coaching, S3 is Supporting, and S4 is Delegating.  We often think of this model when we are onboarding a new employee.  First, we will tell them about the job tasks, then we’ll coach them for performance, then pretty quickly we’ll leave them alone – first supporting them and then delegating to them.

Talent Management | Nancy Vepraskas | Leadership Performance

Talent Management

“Talent management is about taking a strategic approach to attracting, retaining, and developing a workforce. Running a company takes more than hiring people who can perform needed tasks.”

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The Pandemic’s Impact on Your Employees

Based on research regarding employee COVID-19 experiences, there are 3 things you can do to help your employees, retain them, and keep them more engaged.

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Talent Engagement & Retention Conversations

Rf you aren’t already thinking about what a hybrid workplace means, for your talent engagement and retention efforts, you may want to start.

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