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Transformation to the Next Step

Transformation to the Next Step | Nancy Vepraskas, P2Excellence

We consider ourselves experts who care deeply about your success.  We focus on organizational and leadership transformation.  Transformation is such a big word!  Perhaps it’s more honest to say transformation to the next step.  Because, let’s face it, there are always new steps.  And climbing is challenging.  If you need support in discerning your specific leadership next step or the next step for your organization, we’d enjoy learning more

Disruptive Times

Change to chance inscription for business quotes

We live in disruptive times. And the question for us is: How do we “live well” amid constant disruption? The word ‘disruptive’ (in the business sense) describes the rapid, changing nature of the world in which we work and the impact that change has on the way we live. Some disruption is great and some […]

So, how’s that working for you?

Silhouette of the winner on mountain peak. Travel image

OK, I’ll confess. I’m a big fan of Dr. Phil. I know many of you may not be – I have a friend that says the famous “So, how’s that working for you?” is maddening and disrespectful. I, on the other hand, find when I’m stuck, asking myself that question, “So, how’s that working for […]

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