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Nancy Lupinski. Talent Management, Leadership Development, and Learning & Development
For over 20 years, I worked and led teams in the global talent management space within many industries including consulting, academia, energy, industrial distribution, insurance, and financial services. Today, I take my passion and my depth and breadth of corporate experience and consult independently to help companies ideate pragmatic talent solutions and drive them to impactful execution.

As a highly results-oriented and consultative senior leader, I am effective at collaborating and gaining buy-in from stakeholders, partnering successfully from the executive level down. My high standards coupled with curiosity, strong project management, and organizational skills result in top-notch work.

Total Talent Management LLC
Human Resources Services
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Roswell, Georgia
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Leadership Performance

Bring Back the Basics, Remotely Supporting High Performance Teams

Bring back the basics, how you will effectively support your team in driving high performance in a remote/hybrid setting.

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