About Us

At p2ex, our biggest value add is our ability to put HR issues in context. Regardless of what your business is going through, chances are we’ve been through it too—either as HR leaders or as business owners ourselves—probably more than once and in more than one environment. As a result, when you work with p2ex, you not only get access to technically skilled HR professionals, you benefit from the breadth of our experience and our proven ability to identify the root cause of an HR issue—even if you didn’t know to look for one.

Whether you’re facing significant organizational change, downsizing, or are going gangbusters and in need of top talent to keep pace, we consider it our mission to make HR easier for you. p2ex is a solutions-based, full service organization. We take an assess, clarify, build approach to HR. We assess the business case, clarify the organizational structure and people requirements, and build the needed programs and processes. We not only solve your present needs, we anticipate your business’s future HR issues and craft a strategy with them in mind.

p2ex is equipped to be your go-to HR support team and trusted advisor when you need to:

  • Recruit and hire talent with the skill sets your business needs
  • Create a company culture that helps you attract, keep and inspire talent
  • Train and develop existing talent to achieve maximum potential and for new roles
  • Manage performance
  • Manage compliance and legal issues
  • Create and maintain total rewards and compensation programs
  •  Manage workforce transitions
  • Outsource HR administrative duties

p2ex: Our people working with your people to solve problems, provide real world solutions, and add real value.